Tailored Hearing Solutions

Our main goal in improving and treating hearing loss is to create treatment plans customized for individuals who present with unique abilities, needs, and challenges.

The relationship between you and your audiologist becomes an important factor in achieving personal hearing solutions. Our audiologists function as a critical part of a health care who bring value to each patient by virtue their unique training, knowledge, and skill set.


The Process

Step 1: Hearing Evaluation
The first and most important step in fitting our patients is a hearing test. This one-hour appointment allows us to assess your hearing and find the level of technology that is most appropriate for your hearing loss. If you'd like to learn more about hearing testing, visit our Adult Hearing Evaluation Page!  

Step 2: Hearing Aid Evaluation
During this hour-long appointment, we discuss what is most important to you when choosing the perfect aid. We program 3 aids (from different manufacturers) and test each device in our office with background speech and noise. This is also where we cover differences technology capabilities.
At the end of the appointment, we provide the option to order aids and schedule a fitting. 

Step 3: Hearing Aid Fitting
A hearing aid fitting is scheduled two weeks after your hearing aid evaluation and lasts 1 hour. During the appointment, our audiologist will walk you though the capabilities and care of your new hearing aids. On the date appointment, your 30-day trial will begin.

Step 4: Two Week Follow-Up Visit
Your two-week follow up visit is essential in ensuring that your hearing aids are the right fit. We use this time to adjust volume and tones, talk about your programs a little more, and address any questions or concerns that have come up since the original fitting. 

Step 5: Additional Follow-Ups and Maintenance
Like any new piece of technology, there is a learning curve! On average, our patients will schedule 3-5 follow-up visits within the first 3 months. Slight tweaks to programming and adjustments are all part of the process.